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In our area, there are many services provided by the Province of Ontario and the City of Ottawa. Provincial funding is channeled through the Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) that supports doctors and hospitals as well as community services offered by the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre. The City provides services through Ottawa Public Health as well as its Recreation and Social Services Departments and there are many services offered by seniors’ centres and private businesses.

On this site, you will find information on local services with advice on how best to access them. There are programs and services for:

There is also information about seniors’ health care services available locally at:


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Public Programs (updated 24-03-19)

Seniors Centre Programs (updated 24-03-19)

  • Centre Séraphin-Marion d’Orléans. Activities in French for people over 50 including Yoga, Tai-Chi, Zumba, Line Dancing, Pickleball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Meditation and more. An initiative of the Mouvement d’implication francophone d’Orléans (MIFO) at 660 Carrière Street. Visit: or call 613 830-MIFO.
  • Rendez-vous des aînés francophones d’Ottawa. Activities in French for people over 50 including a Walking Club, Pickleball and Exercise Classes. 3349 Navan Road. Visit: or call: 613-834-6808.
  • Place d’Orléans Mall Walkers. Walking and social events. At the Community Meeting Place, Place d’Orléans, 2nd Floor, Tuesdays and Thursday between 8:00 and 10:30am. Visit:
  • Gloucester 50+ Centre. Activities in English for people over 50 including Yoga, Tai-Chi, Zumba, Core Strength and more. At the Pat Clark Community Centre, 4355 Halmont Drive. Visit: or call 613-749-1974.
  • Roy G. Hobbs Seniors Centre. Exercise classes and yoga in the Roy G. Hobbs Community Centre, 109 Larch Crescent. Call: 613-841-8664 or 613-580-4765×32060.
  • Cycling without Age. Gives seniors free rides in specialized bicycles, peddled by local volunteers. Starts at the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre, 1515 Tenth Line. Contact Chantal Vachon at or call 613-741-6025. Visit:

Home Support

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The Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre (EORC) helps seniors stay in their own homes by providing home support services. With an office specifically for seniors at 1515 Tenth Line, they can be reached at: 613-741-6025, 613-741-3556 (TTY) or by visiting

Services include:

  • Transportation (a free ride to medical appointments)
  • Grocery Bus (hop out to get supplies)
  • Meals on Wheels (hot or frozen meals delivered to your home)
  • Snow Go (referrals to screened contractors, option for financial subsidy)
  • Home Maintenance and Home Help (housekeeping, yard work, odd jobs)
  • Fitness, Yoga and Fall Prevention Programs
  • Foot Care in home or at a local clinic provided by a registered practical nurse
  • Friendly Visiting (chat with an individually matched volunteer)
  • Daily Hello (a regular telephone “check-in”)
  • Caregiver Support (free individual or group support for caregivers)
  • Respite Care (short-term or overnight rest for caregivers)
  • Crisis Intervention and Support

Home Health Care

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To access home health care services, seniors need a personal Care Coordinator provided by the Champlain LHIN. Care Coordinators are regulated healthcare professionals, connected to the entire healthcare system, who work closely with seniors and their families. They make referrals based on individual needs to help seniors access the following services:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Social work
  • Personal support
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Nursing care
  • Day programs
  • Help finding a doctor.

To get a personal Care Coordinator, call 310-2222 (from any area code).A referral from a Care Coordinator is needed to access the following EORC programs:

  • Going Home Program (helps seniors return home after a hospital stay)
  • Adult Day Program (therapeutic, social and recreational programming in a group setting for frail, isolated, or cognitively impaired seniors and respite time for their caregivers.

Specialized Home Health Care

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Specialized health care services for seniors at-risk may be approached directly but are often best accessed through personal Care Coordinators (see Home Health Care), family doctors (see Clinics) or GEM nurses (see Hospitals). Services in our area include: (updated 24-03-19)

  • Primary Care Outreach to Seniors Program. Through a “shared care” approach, registered nurses and community health workers visit vulnerable seniors in their homes to assist with health care and provide a link to community resources. Visit: or call: 1-844-726-5115.
  • Regional Geriatric Program of Eastern Ontario. A coordinated network of specialized assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services for elderly people with physical or mental health problems. Family physicians must be contacted before a referral can be accepted. Services are provided through Elizabeth Bruyère Hospital, including:
  • Bruyère Continuing Care – Saint Vincent Hospital – Geriatric Assessment Outreach Team (60 Cambridge Street North). Call: 613-562-6362.
  • Bruyère Continuing Care – John and Jennifer Ruddy Geriatric Day Hospital (75 Bruyère Street, 4th Floor). Call: 613-562-6262, ext. 4010.
  • Bruyère Memory Program (75 Bruyère Street, Suite 342Y). Call: 613-562-6322.
  • Geriatric Psychiatry Community Services of Ottawa (75 Bruyère Street, Suite 127Y). Call: 613-562-9777. 

Emergency Response

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Red Dot Alerts – formerly the “Bruyère Helpline” – enables seniors to call for help simply by pressing a button on a small wireless pendant or bracelet, connecting them 24/7 with a trained Canadian operator who will send help immediately even if they cannot speak. Contact: 613-244-7400 or (updated 24-03-19)

Assisted Living

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There are 16 retirement residences near Convent Glen – Orléans Wood that offer independent and assisted living and, occasionally, memory care and other health services. Most also offer respite or convalescent care options. These are private facilities listed alphabetically by company name. (updated 24-03-19)

Alavida Lifestyles

All Seniors Care Living Centres

Blackburn Lodge Seniors Residence


Chartwell Retirement Residences

Cumberland Lodge

  • 2564 Market Street, Cumberland. 613-833-3156. (No Website)

Royal Garden

Résidence Léonard

  • 6540 Richer Drive. 613-834-6929 (no website)

Revera Living

Sienna Living

Symphony Senior Living

For seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other forms of memory impairment.

The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre

Long-Term Care

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Long-Term Care Homes are for people with significant health challenges and cognitive impairment who need 24-hour nursing care. A personal Care Coordinator (see Home Health Care) can help seniors and their families think through a move into a long-term care including alternatives, level of care, location, availability and cost. If referred by a Care Coordinator, residents may be eligible for financial assistance from Champlain LHIN at one of nine long-term care homes in our area. The current waiting list for each home is available at:  Public and private facilities are listed alphabetically by organization or company name: (updated 24-03-19)


City of Ottawa


Marochel Manor

Revera Living

Sarsfield Colonial Home

  • 2861 Colonial Road. 613-835-2977. (No website)              

Sienna Living

The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre


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Medical Clinics (updated 24-03-19)

  • Asclepios Walk-In Clinic. Family doctors. 570 Lacolle Way. Visit: or call: 613-830-8388.
  • Équipe de santé familiale communautaire de l’Est d’Ottawa. Family doctors, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists offering integrated care and a memory program in French. 1811 St. Joseph Boulevard. Visit: or call: 613-590-0533.
  • Jeanne d’Arc Medical Centre. Family doctors. 1887 St. Joseph Boulevard. Visit: or call: 613-903-7563.
  • Orleans Family Health Clinic: Family doctors, walk-in clinic and travel medicine. 210 Centrum Boulevard, Suite 101 and 110. Visit: or call: 613-837-5454.
  • Orleans Integrative Medicine. Family doctors as well as natural and manual medicine. 3095 St. Joseph Boulevard, Unit 501. Visit: or call: 613-424-9077.
  • Orleans Urgent Care Clinic: Emergency care and walk-in family medicine clinic. 1220 Promenade Place d’Orléans. Visit:  or call: 613-841-5389.
  • St. Joseph Family Medicine Clinic: Family doctors and walk-in clinic. 2555 St. Joseph Boulevard. Visit: or call: 613-830-1298.

Mental Health Clinics (updated 24-03-19)

  • Orleans Counselling Clinic: Mental health counselling for individuals and couples. 207-2451 St. Joseph Boulevard. Visit: or call: 613-830-6666.

Seniors Centre Health Clinics (updated 24-03-19)

  • Gloucester 50+ Centre. Foot Care Clinics, Hearing Clinics and an Intergenerational Alzheimer’s Program at the Pat Clark Community Centre, 4355 Halmont Drive. Visit: or call 613-749-1974.

Orléans Health Hub (updated 24-03-19)

  • The Hub is a Government of Ontario project that will bring together the health care and community support services of Montfort Hospital, Bruyère Continuing Care, Champlain LHIN Home and Community Care, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre, Geriatric Psychiatry Community Services of Ottawa, Ottawa Public Health and Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa. Construction is expected to begin in 2019 at the corner of Mer Bleue Road and Brian-Coburn Boulevard. See:


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  • Ottawa Hospital, General Campus, offers all medical services and Emergency Care with the expertise of a Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM) Nurse. Experts in aging and strategies to help seniors maintain their independence, GEM nurses work with family doctors to help frail seniors and their families to access specialized health care services. 501 Smyth Road. Visit: or call: 613-722-7000 or 6123-761-4024 (TTY).
  • Montfort Hospital is Ontario’s Francophone teaching hospital. It offers all medical services and Emergency Care with the expertise of a Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM) Nurse. Experts in aging and strategies to help seniors maintain their independence, GEM nurses work with family doctors to help frail seniors and their families to access specialized health care services. 713 Montreal Road. Visit: or call: 613-746-4621.
  • Elizabeth Bruyère Hospital specializes in geriatric and palliative health care. It is part of the Bruyère health care organization that manages two facilities in our community: Bruyère Village and Saint Louis Residence. The hospital works closely with the Ottawa Hospital and Montfort Hospital to deliver specialized health care for seniors in eastern Ottawa. 43 Bruyère Street. Visit: or call: 613-562-6262.

Online and Telephone Resources

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  • Find all Ontario health and social services in our communityonline or by phone (24/7) at: 2-1-1 (updated 24-03-19)

Ontario Health Care ( (updated 24-03-19)