March 2023 Newsletter

Family Day Winter Carnival

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Family Day Winter Carnival on February 19! It was lovely to see so many of you enjoying the rink, games, hot chocolate and Taffy.

Thank you to Councillor Dudas for co-hosting this event with us. We look forward to making this an annual tradition.

A hand, palm up, holding a small plant seedling. The background is blurred but it appears as though they are outside. / Une main, paume vers le haut, tenant un petit plant. L'arrière-plan est flou mais on a l'impression qu'ils sont à l'extérieur.

Save the date: Earth Day Event 

Mark your calendars! The CGOWCA Environment Committee invites you to a ‘Cleaning the Capital’ event on Saturday, April 22nd 9am – 3pm. Stay tuned for more details next month!

Poster for Orléans Transit Forum. Share your concerns! Ottawa Transit Riders are invited to Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complext - Hall H at 1490 Youville Drive on March 25th from 1pm to 4pm. / Affiche du Forum sur le transport en commun d'Orléans. Partagez vos préoccupations ! Les usagers du transport en commun d'Ottawa sont invités au Complexe récréatif Bob MacQuarrie - Hall H au 1490, promenade Youville, le 25 mars de 13 h à 16 h.

Orléans Transit Forum

On March 25th, the Ottawa Transit Riders will host a forum for residents to talk transit. Come join us. We want to hear about your frustrations – which buses are cancelled often, which ones are often over-crowded?

We want to hear solutions too. Would you re-instate express buses? Are there routes that need more capacity? Are there destinations in Orléans that need more service?

Sign up here on Eventbrite so we know how many cookies to buy. 

  • Saturday March 25th
  • 1pm to 4pm
  • Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex – 1490 Youville Drive 

Transit is an essential service – let’s make it a priority for this new council.

aerial photo of interprovincial bridges crossing the Ottawa river / photo aérienne des ponts interprovinciaux traversant la rivière des Outaouais

Update from the Bridge Committee

The Bridge Committee got some press recently when Radio-Canada interviewed a few members as part of a story about East Enders becoming vocal against an interprovincial bridge in the Greenbelt! It was a positive step forward for our committee in its efforts to bring awareness of the issue to the community. (Available in French only)

Plans for a widespread information campaign continue to be the focus of the CGOWCA Bridge Committee. People who live in the east end need to know that a bridge through the greenbelt would have disastrous consequences for residents who travel to and from downtown Ottawa and beyond due to the influx of 25,700 additional vehicles that would be travelling daily along our already over capacity highway 174. They also need to understand that a bridge the size of the MacDonald Cartier Bridge could be running through our greenbelt a few hundred metres from the homes in Convent Glen North. Volunteers are needed to get this project organized and/or to visit their own neighbours to discuss how the bridge will impact our community and what people can do to help prevent that from happening. To find out more, we can be reached at

Many folks from Convent Glen attended the recent NCC Public Meeting about the Sir George Etienne Cartier Parkway Park and, while impressed with the plans for the park, were dismayed that the NCC wasn’t prepared to discuss the bridge, or the conflict seen by the community in planning for a bridge and a park in the same place.

Councillor Matt Luloff’s recent article in the Ottawa Citizen has generated a lot of discussion in the community.  It is good to know that our representatives are backing us. A positive meeting was had with Marie France Lalonde, and she has reaffirmed her opposition to a bridge. We will be discussing how we can work together to oppose a bridge that will have serious consequences for our community.

For more information about the bridge visit our page on the CGOWCA’s website:

A bee collecting pollen on a clump of dandelion flowers. / Abeille récoltant du pollen sur une touffe de fleurs de pissenlit.

Native Plants & Pollinator Gardens at Home

Nadia Ouellette, CGOWCA Environment Committee

Have you heard talk of native plant gardening and pollinators? Curious what all the fuss is about?

There are many benefits to planting native plants in your garden! Native plants come in all shapes and sizes and bring beauty to our yards. They are instrumental in the fight against pollinator decline and dying songbird populations. They sequester carbon and reduce rainwater runoff. Edible species add variety to our diets and ease strain on our wallets. Since native plants evolved for our climate and soil conditions, they won’t need to be babied with additional watering and fertilizer. They are better for your back, your wallet and the environment!

Why should we care about pollinators? 

You’ve probably heard that the Monarch butterfly is endangered. In fact, in the past four decades we have also lost 45% of all invertebrates. Pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, flies, beetles, moths, and hummingbirds, visit flowers to drink nectar and in so doing move pollen from one plant to another. Plants need pollinators to carry their pollen to other plants in order to reproduce, which means producing seeds, fruits, and the next generation of plants. One of every four bites of food we eat is thanks to the free labour of pollinators. The United States estimates that native pollinators provide three billion dollars of annual service to the economy. 

Ok, but isn’t my garden already helping? 

Most native bees are considered pollen specialists and only use pollen from specific plants. Native butterflies have co-evolved with native plants over millennia and most caterpillars only eat leaves of one species of plant. You may be aware that the Monarch caterpillar only survives by eating leaves of milkweed plants. Monarch butterflies will continue to struggle unless we regenerate native milkweed in our urban areas. Are you aware that the Giant Swallowtail caterpillar has only two Ontario host plants? One of them, the Common hoptree, is a species at risk in Ontario. These caterpillars play a vital role in feeding baby birds and are necessary for our songbird population. Plants from Asia or Europe do not help our local ecosystem.

Consider the species of plants on your property. Most, if not all, are cultivated plants (cultivars) bred for traits that appeal to humans, not pollinators, and are not originally found in our area. Take a moment to look at your garden when it is in bloom, do you see bees and hummingbirds feeding? If you are looking to add native plants that attract pollinators don’t go to the big box stores, they will mostly have cultivars and non-native species. Choose a native plant nursery or a landscaper such as: 

Want to learn more?

Want to help?

The CGOWCA Environment Committee is looking for teachers or parents who can help establish pollinator gardens at local schools. We are creating pollinator gardens in local parks and will be needing volunteers to help us.  Want to get involved or learn more? Reach out to our committee chair, Cassandra Polyzou at 

February 2023 Newsletter

Worry Free Snowblowing inc logo

Outdoor Rink at St. Moritz

A giant thank you to Worry Free Snowblowing for helping clear our outdoor rink! 

Our team of volunteers is working very hard on the rink! Contact us at if you are interested in helping out.

snowman figurine holding a cup of steaming hot chocolate while outside in the snow

Family Day Winter Carnival

Join the CGOWCA and Ward 2 Councillor Laura Dudas for an afternoon of outdoor fun for the family! We’ll be serving hot chocolate (bring your own mug!) and maple taffy, and there will be plenty of games.
Bring your skates to take advantage of our outdoor rink, maintained by our exceptional group of volunteers.

  • When: Monday February 20th
  • What time: 1pm to 3pm
  • Where: Jeanne d’Arc Park (1155 St. Moritz)

RSVP to the Facebook event for updates and reminders.
In case of inclement weather such as rain, the event will take place on February 19th instead.

photo of a small pink flower with many green leaves that is growing up between the cracks of paving stones

Resources from Know What do Do:  Hope, Help and Strength when Faced with Suicide

For those of you who were not able to attend the webinar the CGOWCA coordinated earlier this month, the link to the full video is here on Suicide Prevention Ottawa’s YouTube page where you can also access previous recordings such as the presentation about the Skills for Safer Living program.

If these tools could be helpful to other people that you know or support, consider passing them along by sharing Suicide Prevention Ottawa’s Livestream of the webinar on your Facebook page or through other mediums.

For those who don’t have time to watch the whole webinar:

  • Click here to view the presentation by Jenna Wray, Engagement Coordinator at Centre for Suicide Prevention who shares how to talk about suicide with someone you are worried about.
  • Click here to view the presentation by Yolaine Roberge, Peer Supporter with the Skills for Safer Living program who talks about how to be more successful when asking for help as a person who struggles with suicide.
  • Click here to view the presentation by Brittany Oremush, Public Health Nurse at Ottawa Public Health who talks about local resources that are available in Ottawa.
aerial photo of Ottawa's interprovincial bridges

Update from the Bridge Committee

The Bridge Committee is working hard to gather accurate and up-to-date information about the process and progress of the decision for the placement of the Sixth Crossing in the East End. So far, neither the National Capital Commission (NCC) or Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) have answered our questions. A very candid meeting with Marie France Lalonde, MP for Orléans, yielded that a decision could be made in about a year. For folks who have seen the barges on the Ottawa River, which have been collecting samples for the studies, the barges will reappear in the Spring to do more testing.
We were able to obtain a full copy of the NCC’s Refresh Document and are studying it in detail. What concerns us most is the fact that while Kettle Island is still the preferred option, McLaurin Bay (also referred to as Option 7, which has the Bridge running through the Greenbelt next to Convent Glen) seems to be favoured as well. In collaboration with the Environmental Committee, we continue to plan for a widespread information campaign in the weeks to come.
Something you and your neighbours can do to help now, is to participate in NCC’s online consultation regarding the Sir George Etienne parkway prior to an open house. It is a good way to ensure the decision makers know the east end is strong in its desire to protect and sustain the eastern greenbelt – what is left of it.

photograph of the full moon with some cloud cover

Ski Under the Full Moon 

Join us for an evening of skiing, hot chocolate, camaraderie, and more at our Moonlight Ski event! Bring your Nordic skis, a reusable mug, a headlamp (if available), and make sure to dress warmly. All ages and skill levels are welcome.  You can register on Facebook for updates and reminders.

Groomers from Ski Heritage East will be out in advance, and the trails will be set for both classic and skate skiing.  The event is hosted by the Convent Glen Orléans Wood Community Association with support from Ski Heritage East and Ward 2 Councillor Laura Dudas.·        

  • WHEN: Sunday Feb. 5th at 7:00pm (Full moon) **·        
  • WHERE: Meet at Roy G. Hobbs Community Centre (109 Larch Crescent). Free parking and indoor washrooms available.·        
  • WHAT TO BRING: Nordic skis, warm clothes, headlamp (if you have one), reflective clothing, reusable mug

OTHER DETAILS: This event will take place during a full moon, but the trails will still be dimly lit so we suggest folks bring a headlamp if they can. Participants are invited to bring friends and family to join the fun! Hot chocolate and snacks will be served, so bring a reusable mug to be kind to Mother Earth.

**If we have inclement weather, we will postpone to Mon. Feb. 6th at 7:00pm

photograph of a person wearing a blue winter coat, red mittens and red purse who is holding a snowball shaped like a heart

Show Your Community Some Love! 

From the CGOWCA Environment Committee

This Valentine’s Day, consider four new practices that are better for the environment—and are sure to make your Valentine swoon!

Getting dressed up? Dress more consciously.  The clothes we buy and wear impact the environment. Choose natural, organic fibres as much as possible from ethical brands. Check your neighbourhood’s “Buy Nothing” Group for previously-loved articles of clothing for all ages, shapes, and sizes—100% free! Many thrift stores in our community sell quality clothing and use proceeds to help support local charities. 10 Stylish Ways to Dress More Consciously

Taking a dreamy winter walk? Contribute to citizen science.The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) needs our community’s help identifying trees, shrubs, and wildlife tracks in the winter snow. You and your Valentine can record your findings on a free app as you sip hot cocoa, walk along gorgeous neighbourhood trails, and enjoy the crisp air. No one does romance quite as well as Mother Nature! Take the NCC’s challenge to “Explore a Winter Wonderland” and enter to win a prize pack! 

Going on a dinner date? Eat seasonal and local produce.You can reduce the environmental footprint of your food while eating well and supporting Orléans’ best farmers. Not only is less energy required for growing and transporting seasonal, local produce, but February’s fruits and veggies shine in soups, stews, and the following recipes: Potato-Leek GalettesRoasted Butternut Squash SoupApple Loaf Cake

Shopping for someone special? Source ethically-made, local gifts. February is Black History Month! Show some love to these Black-owned, environmentally-friendly businesses in our city this Valentine’s Day: Enfematic – Cruelty-free, plant-based candles and scrumptious bath + body products. Handmade in Ottawa with 100% natural and organic ingredients. Local Leaves – A sister duo with a love of plants, who sells and delivers within the Ottawa area. They also create and ship custom, hand-painted pots, paintings, prints, crafts and graphics from Koukatelier, using reused or recycled materials. To offset shipping, a portion of funds is reinvested in tree-planting initiatives. Izere Coffee – Community-minded mother-daughter team offering roasts from light to dark. They bring a taste of their native Burundi to Canada and have done some fun collaborations with breweries to make coffee beer in Ottawa!

January 2023 Newsletter

Worry Free Snowblowing Inc logo

Outdoor Rink at St. Moritz

A giant thank you to Worry Free Snowblowing for helping clear our outdoor rink! 

Our team of volunteers is working very hard on the rink! Contact us ( if you are interested in helping out.

a photograph of Marie-France Lalonde with the 2022 recipients of the award.
Image of 2022 recipients with Marie-France Lalonde

2023 Orléans Leading Women and Girls Recognition Awards

As the MP for Orléans, Marie-France Lalonde is delighted to launch the 2023 Orléans Leading Women and Girls Recognition Awards, to recognize and reward women and young girls in Orléans for their involvement in the community and for their leadership. She would like to invite you to help find extraordinary nominees from Orléans.

Please use the fillable pdf nomination form for the Orléans Leading Women and Girls Recognition Awards, which you can obtain by writing to A letter of support is required in addition to the nomination form. The letter must include responses to the questions below.

The letter must be unique to each nominee and must address these 3 themes:

  1. Describe how the nominee’s efforts improved the lives of women and girls in her community.
  2. Explain how the nominee’s achievements demonstrate her leadership.
  3. Please specify the number of volunteer hours the nominee contributes annually (approximately).

The deadline to send the form and support letter is February 10, 2023, by email at

a small flower with many green leaves and pink petals is growing between the cracks of paving stones

Suicide Prevention Webinar – January 16

Know What to Do: Hope, help and strength when faced with suicide

Community members in Orléans are invited to a lunch and learn webinar about how to become a stronger community in the face of mental health challenges and suicide.

Monday January 16, 2023
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
Register here. (Registration is full – the webinar will be broadcast on Suicide Prevention Ottawa’s FB page)
The webinar will host presenters from Suicide Prevention Ottawa who will:

  • Share tools about how to talk about suicide with someone who is struggling
  • Share tools to help people who are struggling talk about suicide and to get help
  • Highlight trainings that are available in Ottawa if you’d like to go deeper in learning about how to be a community supporter
  • Share existing organizational supports if people need to speak to a professional or a peer support person about their struggles.
an image of a toy green garbage bin sitting on a dirt surface

Reduce and Divert Waste in 2023

As many of us think about what kinds of new year’s resolutions we want to make, why not consider household waste reduction as a goal for 2023? Reducing our garbage is good for the local environment, saves money, and helps us add years to our local landfill sites.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your waste post-holiday season, there are plenty of resources available to help you out. The City of Ottawa has a number of programs in place to encourage recycling and waste diversion, including curb-side pickup of natural Christmas trees, and recyclables, drop-off locations for household hazardous waste, and composting programs. You can find more information on the City’s website
To learn more about the benefits of recycling and waste diversion, check out these videos from the City of Ottawa:

Here are a few tips to help you reduce waste leading out of this holiday season:

  • Recycle or reuse packaging and wrapping materials when possible
  • Compost food scraps and yard waste
  • Return beer and wine bottles, bottles caps, and packaging to the Beer Store for a refund
  • Use reusable shopping bags, water bottles, and food containers

Next year, if you are looking for more environmentally friendly gift options, consider giving experiences or consumables as gifts, rather than physical items that may eventually end up in the trash. Also, check out Terra20’s eco-friendly Holiday Gift Guide. Terra20 has a location in Orléans at 2284 Tenth Line and is a great source for local, organic, sustainable, and waste reducing household products. 
By working together, we can make our community more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Remember to recycle and divert waste whenever possible, and encourage others to do the same. Happy New Year from the CGOWCA Environment Committee!

stage 2 logo

LRT Information Session – January 17, 2023

Please join us for an Information Session about the LRT work that is happening in our neighbourhood.  You can also read more about what has been accomplished in 2022 by checking out this year in review with descriptions and photos of the work.

When: Tuesday January 17th at 7pm
Join here:
Passcode: 789523

diagram overlaying bridge option locations on a map

Interprovincial Bridge Concerns

A group of concerned community members are meeting about the proposed interprovincial bridge in the east end. The group has been working with the CGOWCA Environment Committee, led by Cassandra Polyzou. The focus has been to reach out to other environmental groups, and to try to elicit information about the process for choosing a Bridge location from the National Capital Commission (NCC) and Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC).

Several members attended the NCC’s Annual Public General Meeting and posed questions to the board who shared that the project is now in the hands of the PSPC.
We are planning a community meeting early in 2023 to inform the residents about this process, watch for details!

More information is available on our website. If you would like to learn more or get involved with the Bridge Committee, please write to

December 2022 Newsletter

Myers Orléans Nissan Logo
Myers Orléans Chevrolet Buick GMC logo

Outdoor Volunteer Opportunity – The Community Rink!

Are you comfortable working outside in cold weather and want to give back by using your physical talents? We are looking for additional volunteers to help maintain the community rink off St. Moritz Drive (behind Convent Glen Catholic Elementary School). 
Tasks include shoveling the ice surface after snowfalls, flooding the ice surface, and using the snow blower to remove snow from the ice surface. Specific tasks will be assigned by the lead volunteer. What we need most is additional help after large snowfalls to shovel and remove snow off the rink. Supplies are provided.
We have a very strong team of volunteers who maintain our rink and the feedback from visitors has been very positive.  If you want to learn about how to properly maintain an outdoor rink surface, this is a great opportunity for you!
Contact Jeff Fennessy ( if you are interested or if you’d like more information.
Special thank you to Myers Orléans Nissan and Myers Orléans Chevrolet for their sponsorship of the St. Moritz community rink.

diagram overlaying bridge option locations on a map

Update – Interprovincial Crossing

A message from the Interprovincial Crossing Committee

The arrival of the barge in the Ottawa River next to our community was a surprise for many who were not aware of the work being done toward building an interprovincial bridge in the East end. In fact, the Bridge Committee of the CGOWCA had just learned that the project was moving along much quicker than anyone had imagined! As a result, the Committee has teamed up with our new city councillor, Laura Dudas, to host a Town Hall early in 2023 to learn more about the project, to inform the community about what is really happening, and to make clear the concerns of the community.
Please stay tuned for the date of this important event and make plans to attend. Consider talking to your friends and neighbours about it too! If a Greenbelt Bridge is selected, it could well be the one of the biggest things to ever happen to the east end of Ottawa.

Additionally, we are happy to announce that our webpage is up and running! Please refer to it for reliable info on the bridge and share:

To learn more please write to

image of the trail as the grooming machine passes

Ski Heritage East Grooms a Path to Your Doorstep

Don’t fear the coming Winter, get out and enjoy it. Research has shown that our sense of well-being and peace of mind dramatically improve with outdoor physical activity. The Ski Heritage East Trail is a multi-purpose winter recreation trail, groomed past your doorstep.

This 40km trail is professionally groomed for classic and skate skiing, snowshoeing, fatbiking and, of course, walking. Beginning at the Aviation Museum parking lot, it sweeps across the field, dipping down to follow the scenic Ottawa River to Green’s Creek. There it climbs up to the upper-level pathway and continues to Radisson in Orléans. There is a brief 500m stretch of road, after which the Trail continues uninterrupted to Trim Road, on the edge of Petrie Island. Parking is readily accessible at many points along the Trail.

While people have bushwhacked a ski trail along the river for many years, Ski Heritage East began grooming with equipment in 2017. Initially a 7km Trail serving primarily Orléans and groomed once a week, the Trail has expanded dramatically, is now groomed 3 – 4 times a week and serves many more communities, including Beacon Hill, Manor Park and Rockcliffe. In the 2021-2021 season, trail usage remained incredibly high, with over 75,000 users.

The backbone of our operation is our group of volunteer groomers. These hardy souls are on the Trail with our workhorse snowmobiles and Ginzu Groomers, often before you are awake. If you do see them on the Trail, please wave hello.

Ski Heritage East is a volunteer community organization that funds its operations through a mix of government support – the City and NCC combine to provide approximately 50% of our funding – private donations through our GoFundMePage, and business and organization sponsorships. Current sponsors include, Councillor Laura Dudas, Orléans Physio, Orléans Waxing Haus, Aroma Pizza, the Garlic King, and many more. To learn more about sponsorship, contact us at the address below.

Please lend us your support and enjoy the Trail!

Ski Heritage East
Twitter: @skiheritageeast

a photo of a green meadow with large lush trees lining a dirt pathway that leads to a forest.

Introducing: the Environment Committee

In November, a small but mighty group of CGOWCA community members met and formed the new Environment Committee. Our group is made up of passionate people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, united by one passion: caring for our environment. We’d like to introduce ourselves and let you know what we’ve been up to. We’ve begun working to identify priorities and establish our goals, including to:

  • Identify opportunities to improve public greenspaces to better meet the needs of our community
  • Advocate to politicians and other leaders regarding environmental topics impacting our community
  • Highlight opportunities to support the environment at home and within the community
  • Provide education around our collective impact on the local environment and the broader environment as a whole 
  • Research opportunities to collaborate with local organizations and community partners to support environmental initiatives impacting Convent Glen & Orléans Wood
  • Provide regular outreach to CGOWCA members on timely topics affecting our community

Want to get involved or learn more? Reach out to our committee chair, Cassandra Polyzou at   

Keep your eyes open for our next updates. We look forward to seeing you at our first events in 2023!

cartoon image showing a home on a green landscape with a tree in the  yard and sunflowers growing in a planter in front of the house

Meaning of Home contest

Starting January 9th, 2023 all Greater Ottawa students in grades 4, 5 and 6 are invited to participate in the 16th annual Meaning of Home Contest! For this national writing contest, students can create and submit a short story or poem about what home means to them. It’s a great way for students to engage in an interactive and fun way, and it teaches youth the importance of safe, affordable housing.

What’s more? For every submission to the Meaning of Home Contest, $10 will be donated to Habitat Greater Ottawa

Whether you’re a teacher, school admin or parent, visit to find out how you can get your students involved for this year’s Meaning of Home Contest and help local families in communities across Canada access safe, secure and affordable housing.

a photograph of a home with solar panels on the roof

Better Homes Ottawa Loan Program

Through the Better Homes Ottawa – Loan Program, Ottawa homeowners could access low-interest loans of up to the lesser of $125,000 or 10 per cent of the current value of their home to cover the cost of home energy improvements. The minimum loan amount approved is $15,000.

On June 30, 2022, the City of Ottawa recapitalized the Better Homes Ottawa Loan Program by securing a $15 million loan agreement with VanCity Community Investment Bank. This will allow an estimated 500 residents of Ottawa to access fixed rate (4.33% interest), 20-year loans from the City to undertake energy efficiency retrofits and other home improvements.

The Better Homes Ottawa – Loan Program is being delivered by our partners at EnviroCentre, an Ottawa based non-profit organization dedicated to providing practical solutions for people and communities to lighten environmental impact in lasting ways. Visit Better Homes Ottawa(link is external) to apply for the Better Homes Ottawa – Loan Program and find out more about how to make your home more energy efficient and climate friendly.

You can combine a Better Homes Loan with energy efficiency rebates and incentives available such as the Canada Greener Homes Grant(link is external).

If you would like to receive updates on the Better Homes Ottawa – Loan Program and other climate change news subscribe to the climate change e-newsletter.

If you have questions about the Better Homes Ottawa Program, please email

November 2022 Newsletter

photo of Santa Claus looking out a window of a house that is decorated with garland and christmas lights

Santa’s Parade of Lights

On November 26th we welcome back Santa’s Parade of Lights in Orléans! This event is hosted by the Ottawa Professional Firefighters Association.  The parade will start at 6pm at Youville and St-Joseph and will run along St-Joseph Boulevard to Prestone Drive.

You can learn more on the Parade of Lights website or by checking out their Facebook page.

four hands in a fist that are lined up in a row displaying the backs of their hands. There is a sticker on the back of each hand that says vote. Each hand has a different skin tone.

Municipal Election 2022

A little under 44% of eligible voters in Ottawa cast their ballots on October 24th and the results are now official. Congratulations to the successful candidates! We have a new mayor, Mark Sutcliffe, and a new-to-us councillor, Laura Dudas.

In Convent Glen and Orléans Wood, here are the returning or new elected officials:

  • Ward 2 – Orléans West Innes Councillor:  Laura Dudas
  • Ottawa-Carleton District School Board Zone 12:  Cathryne Milburn
  • Ottawa Catholic School Board Zone 3:  Brian Coburn
  • Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est Secteur 9:  Johanne Lacombe
  • Conseil des écoles publiques Secteur 7: Philippe Landry
a photo of one lone poppy in a field of light brown wheat or grass

Help Royal Canadian Legion Branch 632

The Orléans Royal Canadian Legion is looking for volunteers to help with the poppy campaign.  You do not need to be a member of the Legion to get involved.  Find more information here:

Pierre Rocque Park Renewal

The City is looking for your feedback on the lifecycle renewal of Pierre Rocque Park in WARD 1. The park is located at 1257 Joseph Drouin Avenue. The park renewal will include the removal and replacement of the existing play structures, the installation of engineered wood fiber fall surface and the repair and replacement of asphalt pathways. The play area will be universally accessible and include accessible play features.

You can provide feedback through the Engage Ottawa platform until Monday November 14.

a teenager resting on a ledge with a scooter. The child is looking at a smartphone.


Funded by the University of Victoria, is a crowdsourcing tool for mapping micro barriers to accessible walking and rolling. What is a micro barrier? Anything that makes it harder (or maybe even impossible) to walk or roll safely or comfortably in your community. It might be a missing bench, uneven payment, or unplowed snow. Whatever it is that is getting in your way, or missing (e.g. bench or washroom) we want to know what it is and where! 

Here’s a video to explain it:

Here’s a walkthrough of how to report an accessibility challenge on

Why use

Although urgent accessibility challenges should be reported to 3-1-1, these service requests are not shared publicly, and other members of the community are not able to see that other people have reported concerns. By using, you will be contributing to a visual record of accessibility challenges in the City of Ottawa and also have access to view the overall map of all concerns reported.

The sister app for cycling ( is already well known by city councilors, and we will be sharing with all newly elected councilors post-election.

If you have any questions, please contact Felicity Borgal, the Active Transportation Coordinator at Ottawa’s EnviroCentre. Together, we can help make Ottawa’s walking and rolling environment safer and more accessible!