December 2019 Newsletter

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CGOWCA 3rd Annual Winter Carnival

Our 3rd Annual Winter Carnival will be held in February 2020.  Look for more information in the January 2020 newsletter!

Are you a walker? Join SNOW MOLES 2019!

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Age-Friendly Winter Walkability and Pedestrian Safety Audits for Seniors and Other Pedestrians

Snow Moles are volunteers who report on what it’s like to walk outside on a winter day in Ottawa. The information they gather will be used by the Council on Aging of Ottawa (COA) to inform the City and others of ways that winter walkability can and should be improved.

Anyone can be a snow mole, but we are particularly looking for seniors and children to participate, as well as people who use mobility devices (e.g. canes, walkers and wheelchairs). There are two ways you can be a snow mole:

  1.  On your own:
    1. Pick a time of day when you need to go out (best after some winter weather has occurred such as a snowfall or freezing rain), and a destination (e.g. bus stop, grocery store, school, bank, seniors centre, library).
    2. Use the Snow Mole questionnaire to audit your walk.
    3. Complete the questionnaire online or send a completed paper copy to the COA (address below).
  2. With a neighbourhood Group:
    1. For Orléans, contact Alton Legault at  
    2. Your community contact will let you know dates, times, locations and routes.

There is an online questionnaire as well as a paper questionnaire you can print:

Winter is coming, here’s what to expect during and after a storm

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When roads get plowed

Snow removal is based on a road-priority system, with high-use roads and emergency and transit routes cleared first.

  • Major roads, arterials and major collector roads: Plows are deployed at the start of accumulation.
  • After the last snowflake falls:
    • Major roads, arterials and major collectors: Within four hours
    • Roads will not be bare pavement during a storm.
    • Minor collector roads: Within six hours
    • Residential roads and lanes: Within 16 hours

Under extreme winter storm conditions (i.e. those that exceed normal conditions), snow and ice control operations will be carried out based on the capacity of resources in as continuous a manner as practicable. This will give crews the flexibility to provide relief in residential areas while simultaneously maintaining and clearing priority roads.

When sidewalks get cleared

After the last snowflake falls:

  • Sidewalks in the downtown core: Within 6 hours
  • Downtown residential sidewalks: Within 12 hours
  • Residential sidewalks: Within 16 hours
  • Intersections and pedestrian crossings: Within 16 hours
  • Bus stops: Within 24 hours after clean up

If your sidewalk has not been cleared 72 hours after the end of a snowfall, please call 3-1-1. The City does not clear snow from driveways or private sidewalks leading to a residence.

Clearing snow from your property

  • Do not push snow and ice on the street, sidewalk or park.
  • Keep fire hydrants free of snow.
  • Use wood, plastic or fibreglass driveway markers, which should be no larger than a hockey stick.
  • Open catch basins or drains in front of your property when the weather becomes mild.
  • Catch basins are identified by a yellow “T” bar painted on the roadway.

A snow “windrow” is the pile of snow that accumulates at the end of driveways and on the sides of streets during plowing. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to remove their own driveway windrows.

Garbage and recycling collection

Place garbage containers and bags and recycling bins at the curb. Do not place them behind or on top of snow banks.

Get out and enjoy Orléans pathways with Parkrun

Parkrun is a network of free, weekly timed five-kilometre runs held every Saturday morning (year-round) in almost 2,000 parks in 20 countries around the world.  Since the first one was held in London’s Bushy Park in 2004, more than four million different people have participated.  The first Canadian event, in Kelowna, B.C., started in 2016; there are now 35 locations from coast to coast (listed at  You only need to register once and when you travel you can use your athlete’s barcode, anywhere in the world, where your personal time(s) and the event(s) you participate in are recorded. One key difference between parkruns and typical races, is that they take place every week at each location. The fact that the events are purely volunteer-driven also gives them a community feel.  

A parkrun was started in 2017 in the west-end of Ottawa, the “Kanata parkrun.” A core-team decided to start the “Orleans parkrun” in 2018 for residents of the east-end Ottawa community, so that they could also benefit/participate in this weekly fun and fitness event – “It’s all about sharing an experience of well-being, a connection with our community, as well as with the rest of the world!” 

The Orleans parkrun Saturday morning event takes place year-round on the beautiful multi-purpose “Ottawa River Pathway East” trail alongside the Ottawa river. The course starts at the entrance to the path, located near Cairine Wilson Secondary school. After the event, participants gather for a post run coffee or breakfast at a local restaurant. We are very privileged to be able to use the trail throughout the winter season, as Ski Heritage East ( grooms the trail for winter activities.

For more information on the Orleans Parkrun visit:  and Follow-us/Like us on Facebook “Orleans parkrun” It’s FREE, here’s how to register:

Explore the Vintage Village of Lights

image of the Cumberland Museum with Christmas lights decorating the house and trees

A favourite Christmas tradition returns to the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings from November 29 to December 22. Tour the picturesque 1920s and 30s village, visit with Santa, enjoy a horse-drawn wagon ride and more!

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