February 2022 Newsletter

poster for the CGOWCA snow sculpture contest.

Winter Carnival Update

The board of the CGOWCA has decided to cancel our annual Winter Carnival again this year, due to the risk and uncertainty around the pandemic. (Yes, we’re just as tired of it as you are!)

Instead, we invite you to participate in our Snow Sculpture Contest! There will be two categories: 10 years old and under, and over 10 years old. Create something out of snow, take a picture and share it on our Facebook page with the hashtag #SnowMuchFun. Make sure to specify which category you belong to. We’ll create an album with all of the photos, and voting will take place between February 19 and 21, with the winner of each category being announced on February 21. If you aren’t on Facebook and would like to participate, please send your pictures to conventglenorleanswood@gmail.com before February 19.

image showing the 3 possible sites being considered by the NCC.

New Interprovincial Crossing Committee

Possible new Interprovincial Crossing options being considered by the NCC.

The CGOWCA would like to introduce a new subcommittee of our board: the Interprovincial Crossing Committee.

There has been talk of a sixth interprovincial crossing for many years. Recently, the National Capital Commission’s (NCC) mandate was renewed by the federal government to study interprovincial transportation and the possibility of a new interprovincial crossing. They have since drafted a Long-Term Integrated Interprovincial Crossings Plan, which was approved by the board of the NCC in January 2020.

In the past, when building a new bridge was a serious option, the NCC had narrowed the potential choices to three east end options, two of which would utilize part of Highway 174 and cut through the greenbelt immediately to the west of and bordering on Orléans. One of the stated purposes of this potential new interprovincial crossing is to move heavy truck traffic out of the downtown core.

Many residents expressed concern about the potential impacts of such a bridge on our community, and so we have created a subcommittee to examine the issue. This new committee is being tasked with:

  • Working to better understand the issue of interprovincial transportation and a possible new interprovincial crossing;
  • Providing information to the community at large regarding the impacts of an interprovincial crossing in the East End; and
  • Engage with other stakeholders on this issue.

If you would like to learn more or get involved, please write to conventglenorleanswood@gmail.com

photo of Constable Marc Leroux

Meet our local Community Police Officer

Constable Marc Leroux with the Ottawa Police Service is our area’s community police officer. Here are a few words of introduction from Constable Leroux.

“I work in the community to promote safety, crime prevention and to build the community’s trust in police. I work in partnership with City of Ottawa Councillors, Community Associations and many other community groups and stakeholders. 

I’ve been an officer with Ottawa Police since 2006 and have worked mostly in the East end of Ottawa including Orléans and rural areas. Starting on Patrol, I have also worked as a School Resource Officer for 5 years and have now been working as a Community Police Officer since 2019.

Community Policing is the process by which police and other community members partner to improve community wellbeing, safety and security through joint problem identification, analysis, response and evaluation.

I would like to remind everyone that if you have concerns about the safety of your neighbourhood and require police assistance, please file a report online, or call us at 613-236-1222, extension 7300. For all other questions, please email CSS@ottawapolice.ca. This email is monitored Monday to Friday between 7am and 3pm and our intake coordinators will do their best to respond to your query in a timely manner. For all other emergencies, please dial 911.”

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