May 2021 Newsletter

close up of rear wheel gears on a bike

Get Your Bike Ready for the Season

Guest Author: Gary Bradshaw

Has your favourite bike been sitting neglected in the basement or garage throughout the winter months?  Going through this easy eight step tune-up will not only ensure your bike functions smoothly but will prevent any unnecessary wear and tear on your components.

  1. Wash your bike.  The first thing to do is a general full cleaning of the bike to help identify what needs to be done. Use some degreaser to clean off the chain, chain rings and wheels on the rear derailleur. Use a wet rag to wipe off the braking surfaces on your rims and any grit that is accumulated on your frame.
  2. Check the chain for wear and replace it if needed.
  3. Check your brakes.  Inspect the brake pads at their wear indicator lines. Replace the pads if they are getting thin. Give the wheel a spin to make sure the brake pads are not rubbing.
  4. Make sure your wheels are in good condition and true.
  5. Check and make sure your cables are in good condition.  First inspect your brake and shift cables for fraying at the ends and proper tension. If you find nicks or fraying, replace the cable. If they are stretched, tighten them.
  6. Make sure your headset is properly tightened.  First, turn your stem to make sure it moves freely and smoothly. “Drop the front end of the bike to see if you hear any rattle that would indicate anything in the headset is loose.
  7. Check that your pedals and bottom bracket are rotating smoothly.  Before you jump on your bike, remove the chain from the chain ring. Rotate the crank and just feel how the pedals and bottom bracket are rotating. Removing the pedals and the BB to clean and lubricate them seasonally is also a good idea.
  8. Check your shifting.  Go through all the gears and make sure the chain is not skipping. Make any final necessary adjustments with the barrel adjuster and finally lubricate your chain.
two people cycling on a protected bike lane

Bike Theft Prevention Tips

From Ottawa Police Service News Release

Take steps to enhance the security of your bikes:

  • Use a sturdy bicycle lock (such as a U-Lock);
  • Store your bike in a locked shed or garage;
  • Register your bike on 529 Garage to let thieves and potential future buyers know the bike is registered and help police quickly locate and return your bike if it’s stolen.

Please report it! We rely on the public to help us identify those responsible; if your bike has been stolen you are encouraged to file a theft report online at You can also help police by pre-registering your bike on the 529 Garage app.

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Fun for Little Ones

As the pandemic continues, parents may be running out of ideas for things to do with little ones.  Check out a few ideas (most are free) below:

aerial image of construction vehicles on a dirt surface

LRT Construction Headaches

There has been some discussion in the Association’s Facebook group about the intermittent disturbances being caused to many in our neighbourhoods who live near the LRT Stage 2 construction zones. 

While it can feel good to vent and know that others relate to what you are going through on Facebook, the messages may not be seen by those who can do something to solve the problem. 

We want to encourage residents to write to LRT Stage 2 team with any questions or concerns when they arise: (and you could copy our City Councillor

If you are being disturbed by noise or vibrations after 11pm, you can report the noise or vibration complaint to Ottawa Bylaw by calling 3-1-1 or online:

It may also be helpful to connect to our Councillor, Matthew Luloff, who has spoken about his efforts to minimize disruptions to his constituents on Facebook: .  Finally, you can read the most recent update on the project here:  Project updates | City of Ottawa


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  1. Good tips as most people just don’t care about getting ready for their bikes. Also, it would get in this article add some info about electric bikes as well

    1. Thanks Fancy Apple! We’ll keep the suggestion about e-bikes in mind for next time.

    • Deborah on 2021-05-19 at 20:50
    • Reply

    Thank you for the advertisement flyer in our mailbox, informing us of this community association. I’m not sure if the monthly newsletter is emailed to subscribers, but if so I’d be interested in receiving it.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Deborah. Thanks for your feedback! You can sign up for the newsletter here (it is a monthly emailed newsletter):

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