Newsletter – January 2018

Happy New Year!

Community outdoor rink – behind Convent Glen Catholic School

A message from our amazing community rink volunteer:

The outdoor rink is in great shape, and is being well-used by kids and adults of all ages in this wonderful winter weather!

All participants at the rink are reminded to follow some simple rules:

  1. Put garbage in the garbage can.
  2. When the ice needs shoveling, and someone starts, do not keep skating – put sticks and pucks aside, and help out.
  3. Please control behaviour and language – this is a public rink.
  4. After shoveling, please return shovels to the exterior of the shed.
  5. Please do not leave anything on the ice which could endanger the volunteers who are clearing the ice – pop cans or bottles, hockey sticks, pucks, etc. can be a danger to those working on behalf of the participants, using the snow blower.
  6. Lastly, the lights go out at 11 pm, and we are trying to water every night, weather permitting. If you are one of the last groups on the ice, please scrape the ice and remove any snow. This will improve the quality of the ice for the next day. Also, the nets should be taken off the ice surface.

I am enjoying my first year as the rink operator, and with the cooperation of all participants, hope to be able to continue in the role for a few more years – volunteers always welcome!

George Jamieson


Update on the Ski Heritage East Trail

The Ski Heritage East Trail is a go!  With funding of $15k from the City, community support through our GoFundMe page and a generous contribution from the CGOWCA, we have been able to begin grooming. Negotiations are underway to bring a major private sector sponsor on board soon. We will also have an on-line raffle, with cross country skis donated by Giant Orléans, as well as other goodies from local merchants, as the prizes.

The Trail, which runs from Green’s Creek in the west to Trim Road in the east, was groomed last Thursday and is scheduled for more grooming this week. Despite the recent frigid temperatures, local residents have been flocking to the Trail on skis, snowshoes and fatbikes, as well as the usual hardy contingent of dog walkers.

Please join us at the Official Launch of the Trail on Wednesday, January 17th at 1 pm. We will be joined at Cairine Wilson HS by Mayor Jim Watson, Bob Monette, the Ski Heritage East Team and others associated with the Trail. Watch our Facebook page for updates, as well as for trail conditions.  Please send us your photos from the Trail so we may post them to our page.


Upcoming event – Winter Carnival

Come one, come all to the Convent Glen Orleans Woods Community Association’s Winter Carnival! The Carnival will be taking place on Family day (Monday, February 19) between 10am and 2pm behind Convent Glen Catholic School. There will be games and activities that will be fun for the whole family! There will be events both on and off the ice so make sure to bring your skates (if you’d like to enjoy the rink).  As well, we will be offering free maple snow taffy (while quantities last), hot chocolate and coffee.  This is a great opportunity to get out, have some fun, and meet some members from your community and community association.

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