October 2019 Newsletter

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2019 Annual General Meeting

The 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Convent Glen-Orléans Wood Community Association was held on September 23, 2019. There were 20 members present to review the year’s activities and finances, elect a new Board and hear a presentation from M.J. Proulx, Director, Watershed Network, of the Ottawa Riverkeeper organization.

Vice-President Mireille Brownhill presented a review of the year and, thanks to the participation of several volunteers, the members were made aware of important renovations needed to maintain the community rink. The following officers were then elected to the Board for 2019-20: Toby Bossert, Gary Bradshaw, Mireille Brownhill, Ben Gorley, Miranda Gray, Louise McLaren and Garth Williams. The Association thanks Karen Chow and Fran Childs for their service in recent years. Although they will no longer serve on the Board, they will continue to assist the Association as volunteers.

Ms. Proulx spoke about the work of the Ottawa Riverkeeper during the spring floods and throughout the year. She encouraged community members to avoid single-use plastics (for example, avoid buying bottled water) and to help keep the shoreline clean. For more information or to subscribe to the Riverkeeper’s newsletter please visit: https://www.ottawariverkeeper.ca.

Traditional Approach: Traffic deaths are inevitable, perfect human behaviour, prevent collisions, individual responsibility, saving lives is expensive VS Vision Zero: traffic deaths are preventable, integrate human failing in approach, prevent fatal and severe crashes, systems approach, saving lives is not expensive

Road Safety: In Support of Vision Zero

Recently, we had a cycling tragedy in our neighbourhood.  At the September meeting, Board members discussed this and the need for better road safety policy in Ottawa.  According to Vision Zero Canada, each year some 2,000 people die on Canada’s roads, and some 160,000 are injured (10,000 are seriously hurt). Vision Zero Canada recognizes that this carnage is predictable and preventable, and campaigns for the elimination of harm to all road users including drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.

The Vision Zero approach is rooted in the principle that safe independent mobility is a natural right and that no loss of life is acceptable. Emulating countries that are leading the way in the reduction of traffic violence, Vision Zero Canada promotes results-driven policies and practices with a strong focus on public investment in failsafe design.

The Swedish government, who coined the term “Vision Zero” in 1997, is now talking about Moving Beyond Zero with a dual focus on the elimination of traffic violence and the promotion of active mobility (e.g. walking and cycling). These twin goals are at the root of the Vision Zero Canada mission. If you support Vision Zero and would like to see our city establish policies using these principles, we encourage you to reach out to our Councillor, Matthew Luloff, to encourage him to support them at City Hall.

the letters spelling out "community" tacked to a wall

What is a Community Association Anyway?

Sometimes folks see our newsletter or join our Facebook group but are not too sure what the Convent Glen-Orléans Wood Community Association is. We found a definition that we like and would like to share. A Community Association is an organization formed by the residents of an area:

  • To support the social, educational and recreational needs of the neighbourhood
  • To build connections in the neighbourhood through volunteer opportunities, events and programs
  • To act as a community liaison in civic matters (planning and development)
  • To plan, develop and maintain community facilities and amenities such as community gardens and skating rinks.
Map showing detour along pathway - information available via calling 311

Upcoming Sewer Work Near Cairine Wilson S.S.

There will be renovations made to the OCC Overflow outfall located on the shoreline of the Ottawa River just west of Bilberry Creek between Orleans Boulevard and Bilberry Drive. The work involves removal of four sections of existing sewer pipe adjacent to the river, installation of a new headwall structure at the outlet and provision of scour protection where the pipe is exposed in the flood plain.

The exact timing of construction is uncertain but will likely begin in October 2019 and is planned to be completed by December 2019. To enable construction, the Ottawa pathway between Orleans Boulevard and the north-south site access road will be closed for short periods to enable movement of construction vehicles and materials. Access for pathway users (pedestrians and cyclists) will be controlled by flaggers located on either end of the path. Throughout construction, the gravel site access road between the pathway and the Ottawa River will be closed.

image of father and son on the community rink with hockey sticks at the Carnival

Community Ice Rink: Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for volunteers to help maintain the community outdoor rink in Jeanne d’Arc Park again this year. The rink gives children, families and everyone in our community the chance to have fun, play pickup hockey, make new friends and stay active all winter long.

If you want to do something for the whole community, if you like being part of a team and want to make some good friends, and you have a couple hours free each week between December and February, please contact us at conventglenorleanswood@gmail.com. A Board member will respond to you directly.

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