January 2021 Newsletter

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Happy New Year!

The Convent Glen-Orléans Wood Community Association wishes everyone a heartfelt Happy New Year.  Given the challenges we’ve lived through in 2020, we are all eager to see the finish line of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Despite the vaccines that are starting to be given to front-line workers and high-risk groups, we all need to remember that the pandemic isn’t over yet.  We still need to be Covid WISE and follow public health guidelines.  At the time of drafting this month’s newsletter, rates of infection in Ottawa are on the rise.  

We can all do difficult things.  Let’s rally for the next several months as pandemic restrictions continue.  Maybe by next winter, we’ll be back to gathering indoors.

people playing tug of war (photo taken pre-pandemic)
*photo taken pre-pandemic

Winter Season Activities 

[from Ottawa Public Health

Instead of an indoor holiday gathering, take advantage of our great Canadian seasons and enjoy a holiday walk, skate, ski or snowshoe with loved ones.  

A photo of community members using the outdoor rink
*photo taken pre-pandemic

St Moritz Outdoor rink!

Thanks to a dedicated group of community volunteers, the outdoor rink is well on its way to being a valued option for the community to stay active through the winter.  

When the rink opens, you can find updates on the CGOWCA Facebook page about the status of the rink. You can also check the Ottawa Rinks website: Ottawa Rinks | Home

If you would like to lend a hand, one way to help is to head over to the rink any time there is a snowfall to help clear off the rink.  This helps maintain the surface of the rink and many hands make the work much quicker.  

You’ll find the rink at 1155 St. Moritz in Jeanne d’Arc park, behind Convent Glen Catholic School. Please note there is no onsite parking at the rink.

Check out other volunteer-run rinks at École des Voyageurs, Joe Jamieson park on Bilberry, Roy G. Hobbs on Champlain and Pierre Rocque Park on St-Pierre.

Engage Ottawa logo

Have your say about what happens in Ottawa

Engage Ottawa (www.engage.ottawa.ca) is the City’s platform that allows all residents with access to the internet to give feedback on plans for various initiatives in the city.  This is also the place where survey results and reports are shared with the public.  Right now, the City is seeking and sharing feedback on these and several other topics: 

picture of Hit the Streets founders in bright pink jackets.

Ottawa Good News:  Hit the Streets

In April 2020, a grassroots duo, Luxe Mulvari and Kingsley Swim, decided to do something to help sex workers and people experiencing homelessness by delivering  meals.  

A few months later, they’ve raised over $13,000 and gained more volunteers, donations and support as they continue this important work.  They’ve expanded to delivering other supplies like masks, sanitizer, and clothing basics.  They’ve received donations from many businesses and have collaborated with other nonprofits like the Social Planning Council.  Most recently, they’ve offered free transportation to the hospital. 

They offer care and support minus judgement and with no strings attached to housed and unhoused people in Ottawa.  

Although they currently help people outside our Community Association’s catchment, this initiative is too good not to share.
They are active on Instagram and Twitter and post updates there about what they need each week if you’d like to help.  You can also read more about their work in this article in The Ottawa Citizen.

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