November 2018 Newsletter

photo of councillor matthew luloff

Welcoming Councillor Matthew Luloff

We have a new representative for Ward 1 at the Ottawa City Council table so we wanted to introduce him. You can see what the Ottawa Citizen says following the election results here.  During the campaign, and on his website, he focused on the following priorities:

Build our Community

  • Roads
    • Widen Highway 174
    • Build a southern corridor from Frank Kenny Road to Highway 417 and Hunt Club Road
    • Implement Traffic Calming Measures in our Neighbourhoods
  • Transit
    • Build larger Park and Rides at Place d’Orléans and Trim Road
    • Ensure LRT Phase 2 remains a priority and starts building on time
  • Community Infrastructure
    • Make Petrie Island Accessible
    • Foster a creative hub in the East End

Build our Economy

  • Maintain low and predictable taxes
  • Attract Jobs and Investment
  • Build Pop Up Shops on St. Joseph Blvd

Build support for those who serve Canadians

  • Make mental health a priority
  • Supporting community based policing

The CGOWCA looks forward to working with you for the next four years.

collage of all members of the board 2018

Introducing the 2018-2019 Board of Directors for the Convent Glen-Orléans Wood Community Association:

  • Gary Bradshaw 

    President – I have lived in Orléans-Convent Glen area now for over fifteen years. Recently I introduced a new initiative called Cycling Without Age to the city beginning in 2016. This program involves volunteers taking the time to take local seniors out for bike rides from various senior residences.  I am big believer and supporter of giving back to our community and would love to see more of our CGOWCA residents involved in our community.  I am looking to try and build strong relationships between residents, businesses and other community groups in the area through events and good communication.

  • Garth Williams 

    Vice President – My wife and I moved to Orléans to live and raise our children in a vibrant bilingual community. We met our neighbours at the local park, enjoyed outdoor sports year round and found great teachers at our local school. We have lived, worked and volunteered here for almost 20 years.  I joined the Community Association to work with neighbours, local associations and businesses, and help our community grow as a place where French and English come together and it’s easy to find community resources, share our talents and cultures, stay active, start a business and make friends.  I invite everyone to join us!

  • Louise McLaren 

    Treasurer – I returned to Orléans over five years from being in Ottawa’s East downtown core. I lived here as a teenager when Orléans was growing fast and furious but had few of the amenities that are here today.  I have volunteered in different organizations and look forward to contributing to the Convent Glen-Orléans Wood Community Association. I have a special interest in the cross country skiing and cycling in Orléans.

  • Fran Childs 

    Secretary – I moved to Convent Glen in December 2016 but have quickly realized what a beautiful part of the city it is and as a result was interested in joining the Community Association as a member of the board to help in whatever way I can. I have worked in the non-profit sector for most of my career and am currently working for a private non-profit housing organization.  I look forward to building connections with and among members of this community so that everyone feels as welcome and as included as we have since moving here. I think that inclusive, welcoming communities are important to the health and quality of life of everyone and I believe that neighbours building relationships is a key factor in such communities. In addition to my role as the secretary, I will contribute by getting involved in planning and promoting events that will help us get to know one another.

  • Karen Chow 

    Board Member – I am a relative newcomer to Orléans, having moved to Beaujolais in the “Wine District” in 2013 with my husband.  I am currently enjoying retirement from 22 years as an elementary teacher.   I have a long history of volunteering in my community and faith group.  I joined the board because I have a strong sense of community and a desire to give back to the people who share my neighbourhood.   My vision is to see the community association become a hub of communication for people who live in the area, so that our sense of belonging to one another grows as we discuss issues that are of concern to all of us.  I’d also like to see the association grow in numbers and activities that will bring us all together.

  • Miranda Gray

    Board Member – Miranda has been living in the Grey Nuns area of Convent Glen – Orléans Wood since 2005 (and in Orléans since 2000). She grew up  in southern Ontario and moved to Ottawa to attend the University of Ottawa. She is a change management consultant / IT project manager working in Gatineau.  She is active in the coordinating activities with the other community associations and groups in Orléans. She also tracks the development and transportation issues for the board. Her focus for the community association is building strong links between the association and other groups active in Orléans.

  • Mireille Brownhill 

    Board Member – My family moved to Orléans from Blackburn Hamlet in 2001, and we’ve loved it here ever since! We’ve been in our current house in Convent Glen for 13 years now. I joined the board of the CGOWCA to become involved in our community, to help develop relationships between neighbours, create new traditions and help bolster ongoing activities. I’ve been involved in school activities for my three sons and I am a current volunteer at the OCCRC. Social justice and access to resources are my jam.

  • Toby Bossert 

    Board Member – I moved to Convent Glen in 2013 and I was amazed at how much green space we have. For someone who grew up in the country, it felt like home.  Where I grew up we had a very vibrant community with lots of events. I see that same community spirit here in Orleans. I joined the Community Association Board because I would like to do everything I can to nurture it and bring people together.  I also ran as one of the candidates in the recent Ward 1 election. I ran because I care about the community and I wanted to make sure we had a hard-working representative.

blurry christmas lights imageSanta’s Parade of Lights 2018

This year’s parade will take place on Saturday November 24th at 6pm. Running along St Joseph boulevard, from Youville to Prestone, it will have something for people of all ages.  There will be some road closures around the route on November 24th.  You can get more information leading up to the event from their website:  or from the Facebook event:


Calling all Carolers!

We are working on a carolling event again this year to bring songs and smiles to some folks living in a local seniors’ residence.  We are still working out the details – but if you are interested in joining this event, please email to let us know and we will keep you posted as the plan is finalized.

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