October 2021 Newsletter

image of forest with leaves in fall colours

Participate in Ecology Ottawa’s Fall Bioblitz

Join us this long weekend, October 8th to 11th, for our second fall bioblitz!

What is a Bioblitz? It’s a community event that highlights the importance of citizen-science, where the effort is to record as many species possible. The goal is to collect as many natural observations as you can from birds to plants to insects, you name it! Download the iNaturalist app and help us better understand the rich biodiversity present in Ottawa that needs protection. Find out how to participate.

gloved hand filling syringe with Covid-19 vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage in Ottawa Neighbourhoods

The Ottawa Neighbourhood Study has partnered with Ottawa Public Health to map neighbourhood-level COVID-19 vaccination rates. In Convent Glen-Orléans Wood, 80.1% of eligible people are fully vaccinated. Great job neighbours! If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, you can find out how and where to book your appointment here: COVID-19 Vaccine – Ottawa Public Health

image of a calculator, a pen and a print out of a budget

It’s municipal budget season!

The draft budget for the City of Ottawa is developed in the summer and fall. During this time, members of the community can provide input by asking questions, communicating with the Mayor and Council, and completing surveys. There are Councillor led public consultation sessions for you to share your views with Council. The session for Orléans will take place on October 26 – registration to come.

In the meantime, you can provide feedback through Engage Ottawa (City Budget 2022 | Engage Ottawa) or by writing directly to our councillor, Matthew Luloff (matt.luloff@ottawa.ca). The City’s 2022 draft budget will be tabled at a Special Meeting of Council on Wednesday, November 3 and considered for adoption by Council on Wednesday, December 8.

You can learn more about the budget and the process at Budget, finance and corporate planning | City of Ottawa

graphic that details the City of Ottawa's budget process.
image of Sandy in Crescent Moon pose (described in article)

Contemplating Yoga – Crescent Moon (Urdhva Hastasana)

Tips from Sandy Jones, a Certified Yoga Teacher & Accessible Yoga Ambassador offering Chair Yoga (all postures seated) and Gentle Yoga (on the Mat) via Zoom and in Orleans – www.sandyjonesyoga.com

This posture opens the sides of the body, stretching the spine and muscles along the torso.

Stand with a tall, elongated spine, roll the shoulders down and away from the ears.  Feet are hip-width apart, insteps parallel.

Inhale. Raise arms overhead, palms facing one another, interlacing the fingers, index finger up pointing, relax the shoulders down.   Exhale, bend to the right. Hold posture for 3-5 breaths, inhale back to centre and repeat on other side.

If discomfort in shoulders only raise one arm at a time (i.e. raise your right arm and bend left) or keep both arms at the side of the body and tip only the torso to the side.

For a deeper stretch bring feet/legs together and when tipping to the left press deeply down through the right foot as though you are trying to leave an imprint on the floor, repeat other side.

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