June 2024 Newsletter

A group of 5 people sitting around a board room table. They have papers and pens on the table. There is a flip chart in the back that they've been drawing on.

Attend an Association Board Meeting

Maybe you’re curious about what happens at board meetings or are not sure about getting involved.  Come on out and join us!  The next regular meeting of the CGOWCA volunteer Board of Directors is on June 10, 2024. The meeting is virtual.  If you would like to attend, email conventglenorleanswood@gmail.com to get the meeting information.

Photograph of the community barbeque site. There is a long line up of people in the centre who are waiting to get food at Golden Fries. Along the left side of the photo, there are tents lined up in a row leading to the food truck. Along the right, towards the back of the site, there are more tents with activities and entertainment for attendees.

Summer BBQ – Help Make it a Success

We will be hosting another BBQ this summer.  If you would like to help organize this awesome event, or help at the event itself, please reach out to conventglenorleanswood@gmail.com to let us know!  We’ll be in touch shortly with more information.

Graphic illustration that shows a heat pump installation at a home. An exterior fan combined with an indoor minisplit that pushes the warm or cool air around the space.
Air conditioning system during the hot season. Digital illustration, 3d rendering.

Home Energy Efficiency Info Night

On May 14th, the CGOWCA Environment Committee hosted a Home Energy Efficiency Info Night to provide homeowners with an opportunity to learn from experts and hear testimonials from local residents about energy efficiency retrofits.

Some highlights discussed at the event include:

  • Making your home more energy efficient can offer a variety of benefits, including improved comfort, reduced carbon emissions, and reduced energy costs, including protection against future rising energy costs.
  • There are many retrofit options (e.g. heat pumps, windows, insulation, solar panels, etc.) and there are options for a variety of budgets. Doing an energy audit with an energy advisor will provide information on what options would be best for you and your home (https://betterhomesottawa.ca/energy-audits/energy-assessment/).
  • Doing energy efficiency retrofits when something requires replacement or you already doing other renovations can make good financial sense. Coordinating retrofits with neighbors could offer volume discounts with contractors!
  • Many financial supports are available to homeowners. The Better Homes Ottawa Loan Program offers long-term low-interest loans that are tied properties rather than to individuals. (https://betterhomesottawa.ca/rebate-and-incentive-programs/better-homes-loan-program/)
  • Homeowners were happy with the results of their retrofits, seeing significant reductions to their home energy consumption and emissions. Some experienced unexpected costs and found it helpful to shop around with more than one contractor.

If you would like to learn more:

Thank you to TebCal Cleaning for sponsoring this event. https://tebcal.ca/clean/

A photograph of jerusalem artichoke blooms - which is one of the edible native plants mentioned in the article. Une photographie de fleurs de topinambour, l'une des plantes indigènes comestibles mentionnées dans l'article.

Native plants you didn’t know you could eat

Nadia Ouellette, CGOWCA Environment Committee

Native plant gardening provides abundant benefits. Many Ontario native plants are also edible. Planting native, edible plants helps the environment and provides you with nutritious food from your own yard. This combats food scarcity, rising food prices and reduces the carbon footprint of your food.

Here are five native plants you may not have known were edible:

  1. Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) – This sunflower plant produces edible roots. Containing inulin instead of starch they are healthier for diabetics than potatoes. Tubers can be prepared like potatoes: boiled and mashed or roasted. Flowers attract butterflies and seed heads are important food for birds
  2. Fireweed (Chamerion angustifolium) – All parts are considered edible. Jelly can be made from the buds and flowers. Young leaves can be added to salad or stirfry. Shoots can be sauteed or steamed like asparagus. Fireweed is a source of vitamin C, caterpillar host plant and important nectar source for pollinators. 
  3. Roses – The edible rosehips of our native roses (example Smooth rose Rosa blanda) are important sources of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. They persist throughout the winter when other local sources of vitamin C are scarce. Rosehips are an important food source to birds over the winter. Petals can be added to salads, cereals or used to make cookies, tea, jellies etc
  4. Nannyberry (Viburnum lentago) – Beautiful spring flowers develop into edible autumn berries. Berries can be eaten fresh or used to make jams. Nannyberry is host to multiple moth species, flowers attract pollinators and the berries are an important winter food source for birds. The berries are a good source of anti-oxidants, vitamin C and K, potassium and fibre. 
  5. Wild bergamot (Monarda fistulosa)  – All above ground parts of this mint family plant are edible. The flavour compares to oregano or thyme. Leaves can be added raw to salad or cooked and added as flavouring in place of oregano. Flowers can be added to salad, dried for tea or baked goods. 
A group photo of participants (people and dogs) at the 2024 Dog Walkathon. They are standing in front of two blue tents with banners for Convent Glen Orleans Wood Community Association and for sponsors Myers Orleans dealerships. There are about 20 people in the photo. Une photo de groupe des participants (personnes et chiens) au 2024 Dog Walkathon. Ils se tiennent devant deux tentes bleues avec des bannières pour Convent Glen Orleans Wood Community Association et pour les sponsors Myers Orleans dealerships. Il y a environ 20 personnes sur la photo.

Dog Walkathon 

On May 25th, we held our 6th annual Dog Walkathon to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.  It was incredible to see our community come together to support this cause.  And, our furry four legged companions had a great time.  

The generosity of the community let us raise $1,154 for the Canadian Cancer Society!  

We want to thank everyone who came out and donated to the fundraiser.  We also want to thank several local businesses that supported this event: Myers Orléans Chev Buick GMC, Myers Orléans Nissan, Myers Orléans Jeep RAM, Trinity Physio, Dogtopia of Orleans, Pet Valu Convent Glen, Aroma Pizzeria, Vêtements EnTK, and Easy Breezy Dog Training.  

aerial photo of interprovincial bridges crossing the Ottawa river / photo aérienne des ponts interprovinciaux traversant la rivière des Outaouais

CGOWCA Bridge Committee Update

Just one piece of news this month. We are pleased to launch our new website:


Please visit it and tell us what you think! You are welcome to communicate with the Bridge Committee at cgnbridgecommittee@gmail.com, and to add your name to our database, so that we can better keep you in the loop.

Diagram showing a roundabout with one lane and labelling all of its components.

Roundabout at Fortune and Vineyard

From the newsletter of Councillor Laura Dudas

The project team has continued to update the project website, and the presentation slide deck and presentation boards are now available online. They are currently working on finishing their first Q&A update, as well, they have prepared a 20-minute video presentation on the project. Both of those updates should be posted any moment now.

The project team is compiling all of their comparisons and assessments of other suggested locations. This will also be posted as soon as it is complete.

As well, the project lead is preparing information for the community on the construction aspect itself, including expected timelines, what traffic flows will look like, how pedestrians will cross the intersection during construction and provide an overview of the construction process.

For all the latest updates, visit the project website: www.Ottawa.ca/JeannedArcTransit 

Poster for 2024 A Company of Fools season. July 8th to August 24th. Macbeth. 7pm showtime. Pay what you can - suggested $20 donation. www.fools.ca

Torchlight Shakespeare in the Park

A Company of Fools will be presenting Macbeth for the 2024 season. 

Since 1990, Ottawa has enjoyed offerings of outdoor theatre from A Company of Fools.  Their mandate is to present innovative, entertaining, and accessible shows based on the works of William Shakespeare.  Their shows are pay-what-you-can and children and pets are welcome.  You can plan a picnic in the park and take in the show at the same time!

Often, we have a show offered in Hiawatha Park in our neighbourhood.  Although the schedule wasn’t published at the time of this newsletter being written, you can check www.fools.ca for up-to-date information about which parks they will visit between July 8th and August 24th

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